For Admiral Higgs Swimming Is A Necessity

For Admiral Higgs Swimming Is A Necessity

Admiral Robert “Rusty” Higgs leads from the front, especially at the aQuellé Midmar Mile which he has done four times.

“This year was fantastic. I could see the bottom. From the national defenses side, we have over 200 soldiers and navy here participating in the aQuellé Midmar Mile. Swimming and doing stuff in the water – whether it is in rivers, dams, pools and seas – is what we do.”

He explains his reasoning for encouraging his men to participate in the world’s largest competitive open water swim. “In the navy, swimming is not a sport. It is a necessity. Swimming is not optional in the navy.

Everyone must be able to swim and so the Midmar Mile is a very good opportunity for us to go and demonstrate our commitment to our profession.

[Our participation] is also about being role models for society, so that society can be inspired by all people in the navy swimming. By all people, we mean men and women, all races, all ages, all ranks, and of course, all abilities.

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Steven Munatones