Forrest's Day Out In The Open Water

Forrest’s Day Out In The Open Water

Forrest Nelson completed a strong two-way channel crossing from Catalina Island to the California mainland and back in a total elasped time of 23 hours and 1 minute, a remarkable feat given the sudden and inexplicable drop in the waters of Southern California to below 60°F (15.5°C).

But Forrest, one of the most renowned observers and escort crew in the Pacific Ocean, didn’t let any of his fans down despite the cooler waters with a first leg of 9 hours 11 minutes and a second leg of 13 hours 49 minutes.

Forrest was prepared in every way: physically, mentally, logistically and equipment-wise. Despite being in the cold water for 23 hours, he never once had to adjust his clear goggles. “But I’ve got a terrible case of insomnia. I’m stoned with endorphins and hallucinating, likely the result of never switching out my clear lens goggles for the trip back in daylight.”

Forrest did the first Catalina-California Mainland-Catalina crossing by a male and added to his enviable marathon swimming resume: one-way English Channel, one-way Catalina Channel twice (including once in December), Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, Cook Strait, Molokai Channel (in both directions), 24 miles in Tampa Bay, and many, many other long days and nights on escort boats helping others achieve their dreams.

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Steven Munatones