Fort Myers Is Up To Task At USA National Championships

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Southwest Florida Urban Search and Rescue team will be on standby at today’s USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships.

13 specialists will provide specialty rescue response to incidents that are beyond the standard day-to-day first responder level of operations.

Florida Task-Force 6 includes highly trained firefighters and emergency service technicians from the state of Florida with specialty skills to handle difficult and unique space, trench, low/high angle rope, swift water and structural collapse rescue situations.

But the likelihood of their services being used – short of an alligator attack – is unlikely.

All that is expected in today’s 10 km races among many of the world’s fastest open water swimmers is a highly competitive and entertaining race. It is so competitive that the entire podium at the 2016 Rio Olympics could be comprised of athletes who are competing today.

To watch the race live, visit at 8 am New York time for the women’s race and 10:30 am New York time for the men’s race.

Entry lists are below:

2016 10 km Marathon Swim Field:
Taylor Abbott (USA)
Aaron Apel (USA)
Michael Brinegar (USA)
Brendan Casey (USA)
Anis Cheniti (FRA)
Michael Craddock (USA)
Taylor Delk (USA)
Allan Do Carmo (BRA)
Robert Finke (USA)
Arthur Frayler (USA)
Andrew Gemmell (USA)
Rafeal Gil (POR)
Carter Grimes (USA)
Lozano Gutierrez (PER)
David Heron (USA)
Yasunari Hirai (JPN)
Dallin Johnson (USA)
Jerad Kaskawal (USA)
Simon Lamar (USA)
Ben Lawless (USA)
Matthew Lowe (BAH)
Blake Mangeniello (USA)
Nicholas McDowell (USA)
Oussama Mellouli (TUN)
Alex Meyer (USA)
Riley Molina (USA)
Daniel O’Connor (USA)
Marc-Antione Olivier (FRA)
Jacob Ores (USA)
Joey Pedraza (USA)
Chip Peterson (USA)
Jarrod Poort (AUS)
Kane Radford (NZL)
Logan Redondo (USA)
Sam Rice (USA)
Colin Rockwell (USA)
Sean Ryan (USA)
Marcel Schouten (NED)
Steve Sholdra (USA)
T.C. Smith (USA)
Cameron Stitt (USA)
Michal Szuba (POL)
Ferry Weertman (NED)
Richard Weinberger (CAN)

Haley Anderson (USA)
Angelica Andre (POR)
Jessie Arnold (USA)
Mary Margaret Banick (USA)
Sarah Bosslet (GER)
Kendall Brent (USA)
Emily Brunemann (USA)
Rachele Bruni (ITA)
Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA)
Caitlin Daday (USA)
Chenoa Devine (USA)
Jade Dusablon (CAN)
Eva Fabian (USA)
Joy Magnolia Field (USA)
Samantha Harding (CAN)
Jessica Hespeler (USA)
Stephanie Horner (CAN)
Hailey Houck (USA)
Yumi Kida (JPN)
Kensey McMahon (USA)
Aurélie Muller (FRA)
Poliana Okimoto (BRA)
Stephanie Peacock (USA) [shown above]
Taylor Pike (USA)
Ana Pozder (USA)
Erica Sullivan (USA)
Brooke Travis (USA)
Chase Travis (USA)
Ashley Twichell (USA)
Sharon Van Rouwendaal (NED)
Libby Walker (USA)
Natalie Ward USA
Kahra Williams (USA)

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