Four To Swim Around Two

Four To Swim Around Two

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It is all for one and one for all with Joe Rainero (49, shown above), Matt Maurer (38), Triple Crowner Lance Ogren (44), and Mike Stresemann (54).

The quarter will attempt a relay swim in South Carolina tomorrow where they will swim around Sullivan’s Island and the Isle of Palms.

The 22-mile course map for The Swim Around The Islands (Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island) is here).

Last year, the men called the swim short when it was not safe, but this year they are hoping for better weather. However, a storm looked like it was heading to the South Carolina shores at the end of last week. “At this point it looks like 20% chance of rain and thunder, which I see as 80% chance of no rain and no thunder,” says Rainero.

Rain and thunder will bring winds. We’re not aware of any rules about swimming in lightening for this course, but our team will make the call if we encounter any as we did last year. If one member feels that it is not safe, we will pull the swimmer and kayaker out and move to safety, which ends the attempt.”

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Steven Munatones