Fran Crippen, 1984 - 2010

Fran Crippen, 1984 – 2010

His services today in his hometown were overflowing with swimmers and coaches from around the globe whose lives were touched by him. Tears, sympathy and small memories were shared by friends and loved ones who all had little snippets on how he touched people’s lives so easily and so profoundly.

In death, it was clear that his life has deep meaning and was honorably lived.

It was a true pleasure to know him, to see him spend time with children who looked up to him, with fans who wanted to ask questions, with competitors who wanted to beat him in the water, and with his family, teammates and friends who came from every walk of life and from every generation.

A true champion of a human being, it was obvious to everyone who crossed paths with him that he stood on top of the podium of life.

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