France Rounds Jersey

France Rounds Jersey

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The day before Michelle Macy set a new record for the Round Jersey solo circumnavigation swim under great conditions, Emma France from Guildford in the UK was not so fortunate.

But the outcome was the same: success.

France knows what marathon swimming is all about; she understands the ebbs and flows of the sport. But she drank out of the same cup of success as Macy when she swam around Jersey in 11 hours 46 minutes. “Emma had a very tough swim as the conditions were not so favorable,” recalls Sally Minty-Gravett. “But after her amazingly ‘secret’ [English] Channel swim she threw in last Tuesday which surprised us all, she did an amazing job and finished smiling.”

On the boat with France was her partner Paul James and Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club life member Cliff Golding also from the UK.

A huge thanks goes to Mick le Guilcher who piloted both Michelle and Emma’s in the Club vessel Sea Swimmer 2. We had 2 amazing swims in 2 days where no two swims are ever the same, even on the same day and we all learn so much from each swim that takes place.”

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