France’s Macron versus Los Angeles’ Garcetti, Part 2

Courtesy of LA2024, Southern California

Like the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, the top two contenders have stayed in the lead pack for the entire race and have now broken free. The cities of Paris and Los Angeles are sprinting furiously to the finish – and it is anyone’s race to win on September 13th when the International Olympic Committee votes in Lima, Peru.

The 2024 Olympics will either be held in Los Angeles or Paris. The bidding process and lobbying will culminate in a vote later this year, but over the next two weeks, the International Olympic Committee’s 2024 Evaluation Committee will be visiting both cities that are rolling out its red carpet for the IOC dignitaries.

Paris is seen as the favorite to win the 2024 Olympic Games and Los Angeles is seen as a backup that may be awarded the 2028 Olympics.

While Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti hosted the committee last week, French President-elect Emmanuel Macron confirmed his strong support and interest in the 2024 Games with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.

Paris 2024 confirmed that Macron shared with President Bach his attachment to the Paris 2024 project and emphasised France’s longstanding commitment to the Olympic Movement, and will meet IOC Evaluation Commission members following his inauguration on May 14th.

Macron also confirmed that he remain active in his support of Paris’ bid until the September 13th IOC vote.

While Paris 2024 wrote, “The whole of France is coming together to support Paris 2024 and is ready to welcome the world to our country for a unique celebration of sport, inclusion and friendship,” Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti hosted Patrick Baumann, the Swiss chairman of the IOC Evaluation Commission, who announced that there are no major risks that are apparent during the IOC’s visit to Los Angeles.

Patrick Baumann gave a bit of hope to LA 2024 when he described the proposed Olympic venues in Los Angeles “spectacular to impressive to mindblowing.”

Like the proposed marathon swimming venues in the historic Seine flowing through Paris versus the man-made canals built in Long Beach, it is very clear that “these are two different cities with different visions and touches” as described by Baumann.

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Steven Munatones