Francismar, Vanessa Siviero Produce and Post An Ever-growing FranciSwim

Francismar, Vanessa Siviero Produce and Post An Ever-growing FranciSwim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Perhaps the world’s most popular and trafficked open water swimming-centric website is Over the last 28 days, there were over 9 million visitors with 678,100 engagements with the entire portfolio, five more than the second most trafficked website.

The Portuguese-language site was created by masters swimmer Francismar Siviero and Vanessa Siviero, in order to promote swimming in all forms. Francismar explains, “Since 2008, we have been growing and evolving this project. Nowadays, we are an important channel of content and services focused on water sports. Our mission is to cover news, videos, schedules, training, competitions and much more.

It is a complete portal on open water, competitive swimming, master swimming, paralympic swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, diving and triathlon. We surpassed more than 20 million of views in all our media during 2020. We surpassed all our goals and expectations. The results surprise and fill us with joy.

Vanessa is graduated in Journalism from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, and was a postgraduate in Marketing from IBGEN – Instituto Brasileiro de Gestão de Negócios. She specialized in Communications in Market and Digital Marketing from ESPM RS and SP, respectively. Vanessa has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, communication and events. She creates content for books, magazines, portals and social networks.

The Project “Swimming on the Postcards of the World” aims to stimulate visitors to enjoy unforgettable experiences and promote sports activities in the open waters of Brazil, showing people how important it is to take care of the aquatic environment.”

Francismar is a freelance professional writer and commentator on the website and blog.

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The Francisswim online portfolio includes the following sites:

Among Portuguese-language sites, Swim Channel is the largest with GoSwim.TV next. Swim Channel received the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

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