Freda Streeter, The Channel General, Recalls Her Career On WOWSA Live

Freda Streeter, The Channel General, Recalls Her Career On WOWSA Live

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Freda Streeter, MBE is one of the icons of the English Channel community, known for inspiring and mentoring aspiring and experienced channel swimmers from around the world.

The 81-year-old International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Coach who is battling cancer discussed her career with Ned Denison on today’s edition of WOWSA Live.

Known as The Channel General known for her tough love, she recalled fond memories over her decades-long career about:

* Neil Streeter, her son, a successful English Channel escort pilot.
* Alison Streeter, her daughter, is the Queen of the Channel for her 43 career English Channel crossings.
* Coach Corrie Dixon who helped Alison complete her first single crossing and then a two-way crossing the following year. When Dixon immigrated to Australia, she began training her daughter and other swimmers.
* A young Lance Oram who ate all of Alison’s food on her historic three-way crossing of the English Channel in 1990.
* Alison becoming unconscious as she approached Scotland on her first North Channel attempt.
* Alison who swam into Portpatrick Harbour three weeks later to cheering crowds in her first successful North Channel crossing.
* Cliff Golding and Nick Adams

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