A Free FINIS Webinar On Diana Nyad

A Free FINIS Webinar On Diana Nyad

Listen to the stories, strategies and struggles behind Diana Nyad‘s two recent attempts in the Florida Strait between Cuba and Florida. Learn of her preparations on Cuba, the ravages of the elements in the water and how she prepared physically, psychologically, logistically, operationally and financially to achieve the Xtreme Dream.

Diana Nyad was supported by Open Water Source’s Mike Lewis, Lexie Kelly and Steven Munatones who documented her courageous swims.

Diana, a former pro marathon swimmer and extreme athlete who brought attention to the sport of marathon swimming in the 1970s, makes a comeback as a 62-year-old in one of the most difficult marathon courses in the world. Mike, Lexie and Steven were there to document her attempts as official Observers.

This webinar takes place Wednesday September 28th at 11:00 am Los Angeles time, 2:00 pm New York time, 7:00 pm London time.

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