Freestyle With The Flowers

Freestyle With The Flowers

Courtesy of Bailey Weathers, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The 2018 UANA Open Water Swimming Championships are being held on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands between June 15th and 18th.

The championships for the national federations of South America, Central America, the Caribbean and North America are held in conjunction with the Flowers One Mile, 5 km and 10 km races this week.

Day One started with junior and masters relays on one of the most gorgeous stretches of the island, the world-famous 7 Mile Beach where all the events will be held:

2.5 km Junior Relay Results:
1. Peru A with A. Castro, A. Serida, G. Ccollcca, N. Rojas 33:08.7
2. Cayman Islands A with J. Bodden, E. Sinclair, L.Henry, K. Rabess 35:47.8
3. Peru B with R. Ramirez, P. Canduelas, R. Ramirez, P. Canduelas 32:45.9
4. Argentina/Brazil with T. Gian Franco (ARG), M. Concetti (ARG), C. Giordanino (ARG), R. de Araujo (BRA) 34:07.1
5. Cayman Islands with A. Dakers, S. Bailey, J. Bailey, A. Lambert 36:54.2
6. Cayman Islands with E. Weber, S. Royston, K. Adapa, J. Lambert-Wragg 38:04.1

2.5 km Masters Relay Results:
1. Cayman Swim 1 (Cayman Islands with A. Killam-Higgo, K. Eckart, J. Prinsloo, B. McFarland) 46:24.3
2. Cayman Swim 2 (Cayman Islands with M. Trott, M. Ford, M. Lockwood, A. Royston) 47:06.6

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