French Reached France, Now Onto Oahu

French Reached France, Now Onto Oahu

Beth France completed her English Channel swim this July in 15 hours 16 minutes. After her accomplishment, she struggled a bit to get back into training due to the commonly felt downward slide of motivation.

But then she fondly remembered her days back – 12 years ago – on the Big Island of Hawaii. One thing led to another, and now she finds herself getting ready for a swim across the Molokai Channel tonight.

Fortunately, Mother Nature is spreading the aloha for French as she attempts to become the 28th person in history to swim across the Molokai Channel under the guidance of pilot Matt Buckman.

The winds have been nearly non-existent and, if the weather holds, or if French gets the rare day of Kona winds, she should have an absolutely gorgeous swim.

Scheduled to start at 9 am tonight, she will swim under a canopy of stars, perhaps hearing the songs of whales along the way before the sunrise starts to rapidly shift the color hues of the Pacific Ocean from a dark dullness to a brilliant, seemingly bottomless royal blue.

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Steven Munatones