Frenchman In Sweden For A British Cold-water Swim

Frenchman In Sweden For A British Cold-water Swim

English Channel swimmer Sylvain Estadieu is training for the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships. “In Hudiksvall, Sweden, the water is down to 2°C now with air between -5 and -10°C. I’ll be competing along with 7 other Sandycove [Ireland] swimmers. A few among us have been invited to take part in the endurance event which is a really exciting prospect for all of us.”

“My preparations have been going well
.” That is easy to see from his training video here.

Besides his cold-water training, Sylvain has been pushing himself in a variety of unique ways including a 20K medley swim attempt in the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. “I unfortunately failed to finish, but I’ve learned a couple things along the way and will be trying again next year for sure.”

He attempted a medley swim that was to be four loops of 6K of each stroke.

Sylvain’s butterfly leg of 1 hour and 55 minutes went smoothly in the flat 16°C water with no wind under lots of sunshine. “But I started to get tired during the second loop, backstroke being my worst stroke. The conditions weren’t as good as during the first loop, especially after 9K, but I managed to finish it in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Then, I looked at the island in the distance [in the loop course] and just couldn’t get myself going for the breaststroke leg, so the swim stopped after 12K and 4 hours and 35 minutes.”

I had been dreading that swim. It was up to my girlfriend to paddle, feed me and document the swim. She did an amazing job for the best part of 5 hours. I guess she was glad to not have to paddle for another 5 hours.”

I had been training all summer long in the area. The water temperatures almost never went under 18-20°C, but it started to drop the week before the swim. At the end, I was just glad that nothing out of the ordinary happened during these two loops and I really happy that I got to share these moments with my girlfriend who was never involved in swimming before.”

She seems hooked now.

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