From A Dark Place To The Other Side

From A Dark Place To The Other Side

From A Dark Place To The Other Side

Courtesy of Jon Washer, The Other Side, English Channel.

Every time that I felt that I accomplished something, I felt that there was something more that I can do,” explained Sarah Thomas before she completed history’s first four-way crossing of the English Channel.

I wanted to see what that more was.”

Her goal was otherworldly ambitious – but so many people had faith in her ultimate success, even if she had just survived a battle with cancer – that 201 people donated a total of US$17,795 to director Jon Washer’s Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a documentary film project about Thomas’ unprecedented attempt on the English Channel.

Ultimately in September 2019, the 37-year-old from Colorado completed her unprecedented 134 km four-way crossing of the English Channel in 54 hours 10 minutes where she swam from England to France (in 11 hours 26 minutes), back to England (in 12 hours 41 minutes), then back to France (12 hours 58 minutes), and finally back to England (in 17 hours 5 minutes) with a crew under the guidance of escort pilot Eddie Spelling.

The confidence in her escort crew, pilot, husband Ryan Willis and herself to achieve her goal is captured in his film.

Don’t ever count my wife out of anything,” said Willis.

Thomas told Sports Illustrated, “I think [the swim is] a good message to people who are in the middle of [cancer] to have a little bit of hope when it feels like you’ll [never] move past it or not be sick again. It’s a dark place in the middle of cancer treatment…[but] you can still do everything that you were doing and you can still have dreams and goals and make plans.”

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