From California To Cork, These Swimmers Are DRIVEN

From California To Cork, These Swimmers Are DRIVEN

If there is any place in America that would mirror the intensity and passion for open water swimming of Sandycove Island community in Ireland, it would be the California Channel Islands community with Santa Barbara being at its epicenter.

Cold-water enthusiasts and channel swimming aficionados who desire to push the boundaries of what they are capable mentally and physically find like-minded colleagues in Sandycove and Santa Barbara.

From California to Cork, these people are DRIVEN.

Highly motivated, completely passionate, these people thrive on ocean swimming. The colder, the rougher, the longer, the better.

Filmmakers Ben Pitterle and Brian Hall have captured the essence of this California community in DRIVEN, a film that some swimmers are calling the best movie they have ever seen.

Those very positive reviews have been echoed among many non-swimmers who have watched the film.

The film DRIVEN has been selected to be featured in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art on February 4th and 7th. DRIVEN is not only up for the Audience Choice Award in the Santa Barbara Film Festival, but the film featuring Evan Morrison, Cherie Edborg and Fiona Goh was also accepted in the San Luis Obispo Film Festival in March.

For more information and tickets to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, visit here. A new website and trailer are here at

Trailer 2.0 from Element 8 Productions on Vimeo.

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