Crossing From Oahu To Kauai With The June Louise

Crossing From Oahu To Kauai With The June Louise

Penny Palfrey gave some additional insight into her 72-mile swim across the Kaieiewaho Channel between the islands of Oahu and Kauai. “My escort boat pilot is Captain Don Jones who lives on Kauai. He runs a charter fishing boat, the June Louise, and will be in touch with the local fishermen to get as much information about the currents as possible before and during my swim.”

I hope to begin my swim in the morning sometime, so I’m able to get a night’s sleep before the start. The exact time will depend on the day we swim and what the tides are doing on that day. I’ll be taking advice from Captain Don and my crew.

Her crew will include Forest Nelson, Bill Goding, Neil Vaughan, Jeff and, possibly, her husband, Chris – who will be attempting his own difficult swim in the Molokai Channel that same week.

Penny will certainly be in excellent hands.

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