Further Research And Study In The Ice

Further Research And Study In The Ice

Courtesy of Nuala Moore, Vladivostok, East Russia.

Two weeks ago, there was a conference on Physiological and Psychological Responses of the Human Body in Extreme Crisis and Hypothermia in Vladivostok, East Russia.

Event organizers from winter swimming and ice swimming competitions around the world, including Nuala Moore of Ireland, were invited.

It was a good group including event organisers from the eastern regions and medical groups interested in in the psychology and the mind as well as how the body responds in stress. The organisers of Tyumen, the Far East and Bering Strait swims were all present.”

This global sharing of information is an excellent opportunity to collectively develop reasonable safety standards and detailed procedures for winter swimming and ice swimming that has now exponentially grown in terms of participants, volunteers and events. “It’s so important to use our experiences and the swimmers’ responses. From there, we can use the research and unite information in groundbreaking fashion.”

Moore contributed on post-Rescue Collapse or the management of the swimmer post-swim. “For me, it is all about looking at how we can manage the swim events and how we can learn from the information we have through experience. Mostly, the value to help assist team who help with recovery [so] we can continue to learn.”

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Steven Munatones