Future Open Water Swimming Products - Edible Feeds

Future Open Water Swimming Products – Edible Feeds

I couldn’t believe the swimmers just grabbed their gel packs and then left them in the water,” recalled more than a few observers of marathon swims.

I would have thought there is a rule against leaving gel packs and cups in the water.”

While most of the gel packs and plastic cups are picked up by the coaches and volunteers, it remains a fact that 100% of the containers that open water swimmers use are not removed from the oceans, lakes and rivers where swims occur.

But there may be innovative solutions available for consumers and open water swimmers in the near future.

David Edwards, an engineer at Harvard University, developed WikiCells. WikiCells is made of dried fruit, chocolate shavings and other edible products that are fused by electrostatic force.

MonoSol has developed polymers similar to those used in vitamins and pills for drink powders and oatmeal.

Loliware produces edible, biodegradable, flavored cups that are molded from natural pectins and cane juice.

Imagine stopping for a feeding for your favorite sports drink. Your coach hands you a cup…you drink and then eat the cup. Or you grab your mocha gel pack…and then eat the chocolate-flavored gel pack itself.

Sounds delicious, innovative and fun.

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Steven Munatones