Gary Emich Discusses Alcatraz On WOWSA Live

Gary Emich Discusses Alcatraz On WOWSA Live

Courtesy of KAATSU Global, Huntington Beach, California.

Gary Emich has swum 1,059 crossings of Alcatraz Island, averaging about 1 documented, verified crossing per week over the 20-year period of his body of work in San Francisco Bay. Emich spoke with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairperson Ned Denison on WOWSA Live about this accomplishment.

The two friends discussed his life, achievement and friends:

  • Starting his Alcatraz journey on May 15th 2003 with a DNF.
  • Discussing the escape from Alcatraz Island on June 11th 1962 by Frank Morris, Clarence Anglin and John Anglin.
  • Swimming across a range of times from Alcatraz: a fast crossing of 21 minutes to his slowest crossing of 1 hour 38 minutes.
  • Receiving a federal fine to touching Alcatraz Island.
  • Understanding the differences between the Dolphin Club – which has rules and obeys them – and the South End Rowing Club that simply has rules.
  • Explaining the origin of the Swim with the Centurions.
  • Initially competing with Pedro Ordenes about who will complete 100 Alcatraz Swims first.
  • Completing 100 crossings on June 11th 2001 and then 6 years later, completing his 500th crossing on June 11th 2007 – or 400 Alcatraz crossings in 6 years.
  • Competing against and collaborating with Steven Hurwitz who wanted to get to 1000 Alcatraz crossings.
  • Cheering on Kristin Buckley, the only other person to complete 1,000 Alcatraz crossings.
  • Doing Bump and Run crossings between the shoreline of San Francisco to Alcatraz Island.
  • Doing Round Trip Alcatraz, or swims around the backside of Alcatraz Island.
  • Seeing a shark in the Bay and thinking of being shark buffet.

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