Gary Emich Up To 853 Alcatraz Island Swims

Gary Emich Up To 853 Alcatraz Island Swims

Gary Emich, a well-traveled swimmer, coach, author and open water swimming ambassador, is now up to 853 swims to and from Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.

My goal is to reach 1,000 Alcatraz Island crossing on June 11th in 2013 which will be the 51st anniversary of the Frank Morris and Anglin Brothers Escape.” Each and every one of his crossing is thoroughly documented and will be a great resource for generations to come. Besides his favorite backyard venue of Aquatic Park, Gary Emich has swum in the Amazon, Peru’s Lake Titicaca, Scotland’s Loch Ness, between islands in Fiji and the Rottnest Channel Swim in Australia as well as successfully completed English Channel, Catalina Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and Swim Around Key West relays.

The creator of the word aquapreneur, he writes for Inside Triathlon and USA Triathlon Life magazines, and is the co-author of Open Water Swimming – Lessons from Alcatraz, a book co-written with Joseph Oakes.

Joyfully coaching hundreds of beginner and veteran open water swimmers, Gary knows first-hand how the sport is growing, “Open water swimming may be gaining popularity among our aging population because it is less stressful on the joints. It also affords a great opportunity to keep fit and stay in shape.”

Open Water Swimming – Lessons from Alcatraz was written to encourage people “to enjoy the wonderful feeling of success that comes from completion of the great, difficult and classic swimming challenge of swimming from Alcatraz Island to the shoreline of San Francisco.

Alcatraz swims have been our obsession for many years. Read on and devour what we have prepared for you.” We have seen too many unqualified swimmers trying unsuccessfully to swim from Alcatraz. In that time, our Alcatraz Safety Crew has had to rescue well over 1,000 swimmers, many of whom should never have been out there foolishly endangering themselves and those around them. Bravado has its place, but not at Alcatraz

Wise words from the man most intimately knowledgeable and experienced of the stretch of water known as the Alcatraz Island swim.

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