Gateway to the Ocean Beyond San Francisco Bay

Gateway to the Ocean Beyond San Francisco Bay

Gateway to the Ocean was created exclusively for the International Ocean Film Festival by Under the Skin. It is a limited edition, museum quality screen print that celebrates the undersea world beyond San Francisco Bay. 

Under UV light the phosphorescent skeleton is exposed; all that remains when a species falls into the darkness of extinction. 45 screen prints are available. Each print comes with its own UV flashlight, numbered and signed by the artist. 

Designers Ed and James Harrison were featured at the International Ocean Film Festival opening tonight where they spoke about their Sea of Cortes expedition with Sea Shepherd as featured in The Last Vaquita film.

With the Vaquita porpoise on the brink of extinction, the brothers collaborate as wildlife artists and leave their studio behind and head to a small fishing town in Mexico. They board the M/V Farley Mowat to experience the front-line fight between ocean conservationists Sea Shepherd and the poachers, backed by the Mexican cartel, who are devastating countless marine species. Caught up in a tale of greed and corruption, they witness a battle that seems all but lost and find themselves questioning their place in the world. Can they use their craft to take action amidst today’s Sixth Mass Extinction?

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Steven Munatones