Gedankenexperiment In Open Water Swimming

Gedankenexperiment In Open Water Swimming

Can deep waters lead to deep thinking?

Gedankenexperiment is an uncommon English words that means an experiment carried out in thought only. Gedanken means “thoughts” in German. The word was popularized by Albert Einstein, who applied gedankenexperiment to his work conceptualizing the theory of relativity.

Because marathon swimming is commonly described as a mentally challenging endurance sport that is anywhere between 70-90% mental and because open water swims are so perfectly suited for deep thoughts in isolation without much outside stimulation (if the waters are not clear), The Daily News of Open Water Swimming wonders how many open water swimmers conduct Gedankenexperiment?

Lewis Pugh combined practical experimentation utilizing scientific laboratory instruments with his focused thoughts demonstrated the anticipatory thermogeneses process (or ability raise his core body temperature in anticipation of entering cold water).

Photo of Lewis Pugh by Dave Painter at the University of Oulo in Finland in 2006.

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