Gene Gets Up And Goes

Gene Gets Up And Goes

Courtesy of Lucky Meisenheimer, Lake Cane, Florida.

Gene Augustin holds the 80-84 year age group record for crossing Lake Cane in Orlando, Florida. He is the oldest person to complete 1 km Lucky’s Lake Swim.

But he just broke his own record and set the 85-89 age group lake swim record with a time of 42:46.

It was strong work by Gene,” reported Lucky Meisenheimer.

He [set the record] in the first cold snap of the fall. The water is a warm 78°F (25.5°C), even though the air was in the 60°F’s. It is great swimming weather. You know it’s spring when the swallows return to Capistrano; you know it’s fall when the black sausage suits return to Lucky’s Lake swim, although the majority of the folks today made it fine just wearing their speedos.”

Lucky’s Lake Frogman Night Ops 5K Swim is scheduled for Saturday, November 12th with all proceeds going to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Dr. Meisenheimer describes the inaugural event. “You don’t have to swim the entire 5 km, you can be on a relay and do as much as you want. This is the first sanctioned event we have ever hosted at Lake Cane. Do not miss this one. It’s dark, it’s cold, and the Lake Cane Monster is tired of feeding on carp, what could possibly go wrong?

For more information on the Night Ops 5K Swim, visit here.

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