Georgia Dore Magical Swim

Georgia Dore Magical Swim

Georgia Dore swam with Grant Cox in Murray Rose’s Malabar Magic Ocean Swim this past Sunday in Sydney, Australia.

Dore was the Rainbow Club’s first member to compete in the Malabar Magic. Grant was the in-water guide for the 15-year-old adrenal cancer survivor who received the coveted Murray Rose Perpetual Award.

The spirit of The Rainbow Club shone through the clouds and delivered its most successful fundraiser to date – a record-breaking number of participants and team entries, record funds raised, and a positive and happy vibe throughout the day.

We’re actually the first ocean swim in New South Wales to have an award in the swimming with a disability category,” said Event Organiser Rob Lloyd. “It is an appropriate match for the Rainbow Club which as a charity provides swimming lessons for children with a disability.”

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