Ger Gets Gritty, Grrrggghhhh!!!

Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Tyumen (Тюмень Россия), Siberia, Russia.

With the air temperature at -15ºC and the water temperature at 0.5ºC, Ger Kennedy attempted and succeeded in joining an exclusive club, the 2fer0 Club.

Throughout history, only Lynne Cox in 2004, Alexander Brylin in 2012, Andrey Sychyovv in 2012, and Henri Kaarma in 2013 have swum 2 km non-stop in water temperatures near freezing.

Kennedy reported, “[It was] definitely my limit in extreme ice swimming to date. Tyumen, the lake of champions, is a very special place and birth place of extreme ice swims to super human levels. The No Limit swim is basically you versus 0ºC water and air temperatures.

The support team that persuaded the chief referee that I was OK to continue to 2 km despite swimming slowly, thank you.

The recovery – I call them sauna angels – the skill and effort to bring back a swimmer from near freezing is incredible and we are forever in your debt

He described the effects of the swim. “It goes past sore fingers and toes really. I found my body bruised from the inside especially my kidney area what’s very sore to touch. Basically [my] organs are beaten up. Why? Sometimes, I wish not, but this is my life journey to Antarctica in 2020.”

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