Gerry Rodrigues Towers Over Open Water Coaching

Gerry Rodrigues Towers Over Open Water Coaching

Courtesy of Gerry Rodrigues, Tower 26, Santa Monica.

There are few coaches in the open water swimming community with the global reach of Tower 26‘s Gerry Rodrigues.

Countless open water swimmers, triathletes, watermen and waterwomen from every walk of life in 118 countries have been listening to his Tower 26 Be Race Ready podcast series.

In 37-minute Episode #21 on triathlon swimming, host Jim Lubinski and Rodrigues review the 2016 year, introduce project members for 2017, and discuss their new virtual subscription training program.

This episode can be listened to while driving to and from work or practice and is listed on: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and at”

For more information, visit @Tower_26 or Facebook. Questions can be emailed to Gerry Rodrigues at

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