Get, Be And Stay OceanFit With Andre Slade

Get, Be And Stay OceanFit With Andre Slade

Get, Be And Stay OceanFit With Andre Slade

Courtesy of Andre Slad, Bondi Beach, Australia.

Andre Slad is the founder and owner of OceanFit of Bondi, Australia. “We specialise in ocean awareness, confidence and fitness and deliver practical programs and online education to all ages and abilities from entry level to awesome.”

He’s got the tools, personality and background to certainly deliver his message and vision.

He was the National Lifeguard Manager for Surf Life Saving Australia for four years and is the current Managing Editor of the Australian Lifeguard Magazine. Andre has lived the aquatic and lifesaving lifestyle for 15 years with plenty of experiences in pool and ocean lifeguarding, risk management, surf education and learn to swim.

OceanFit enables people to enhance their ocean lifestyle and discover, learn, watch and share 365 days a year. It offers a large range of how-to videos devoted to beach culture, ocean awareness, confidence and fitness for both adults and children.”

The OceanFit online presence includes a fun, interactive and educational beach website that is bright and easy to navigate.

The beach is Australia’s favourite playground in summer and there’s so many ways to enjoy it, and just as importantly to enjoy it safely. For some people the beach has been a part of their life from a young age, but for others the beach is a special place they visit maybe once or twice a year.

OceanFit is all about giving the regulars tips to improve their ocean experiences, and for the irregulars, it’s a place they can learn all about beach culture and how to stay safe and become more confident

The website includes a number of blogs from ocean experts, including Bondi Rescues Dean ‘Deano’ Gladstone, Rob ‘Dr Rip’ Brander and professional surf Ironman Tom Atkinson on a range of ocean-related topics from the point of view of a Lifeguard, Scientist and Ironman.

The idea is to continually update the site with awesome content that people can learn from and enjoy. It’s not about always telling people to be safe, we hear that all the time and it’s important, but this website is about giving people helpful and practical advice on how they can become more confident so they can actually enjoy it more and to really enhance their ocean lifestyles.”

As one example of what information he provides in a variety of formats, Andre talks about sharks in a radio interview below:

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