Get Ready In Summer For Fall

Get Ready In Summer For Fall

For those who peak in the Northern Hemisphere summer, do not forget the fall season when a variety of long-distance swimming events are available in some incredible locations around the globe.

Training hard in the summer and then enjoying races in the fall is a secret known to many insiders – and an increasing number of others.

The list below is only scratching the surface of what is available.

1. Bermuda Round the Sound Swim (0.8K, 2K, 4K, 7.5K, 10K) in Bermuda on October 2, run by Randy Nutt (see finish above).
2. Fiji Ocean Swim Festival (1.5K, 3K, 10K) in Fiji in October, run by Paul McCoy.
3. Clean Half Marathon Swim (14.5K) in Hong Kong in October, run by Doug Woodring.
4. San Francisco Bay 10K Bridge-to-Bridge Swim in San Francisco in October, run by Bob Roper.
5. Highland Lakes Challenge (12 miles) in Austin, Texas in October, run by Keith Bell.
6. Ederle Swim (17.5 miles) from New York to New Jersey in October.
7. Distance Swim Challenge (12.6 miles) on October 16 in Santa Monica, California, run by Alan Morelli.
8. Length of Windermere Swim (10.5 miles) in Lake Windermere, England in September, run by the British Long Distance Swimming Association.
9. Swimming Marathon of the Messinian Gulf (30K) from Koronis to Kalamata, Greece in September, run by the Nautical Club of Kalamata.
10. Coppa Sicilia (4 races of 6.1K, 4.3K, 9.7K, 3K over 4 days) in Sicily, Italy in September, run by Dr. Giuseppe Morici.
11. 10-mile Solo Swim in La Jolla Cove, California in September, contact Anne Cleveland.
12. Goleta Pier to Santa Barbara Yacht Club (10 miles) in Santa Barbara, California in September, run by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

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