Get Smart, Be Like Val Lincoln

Get Smart, Be Like Val Lincoln

Australian masters swimmer Val Lincoln is 86 and is getting faster in the water, both in the pool and open water.

The Australia world-record holder recently lowered her 800-meter record by three seconds and won the 2K open water swim at the Australian Masters National Championships.

She commented, “I was absolutely on cloud nine because I never thought I would break a record again. I thought I wouldn’t have a hope, but I’m not stopping, I’m swimming very well this year.”

Swimming since the age of 7 and racing since the age of 14, that is 72 years of competitive swimming. “I’ve always been a water baby. I love the sea and enjoy swimming so much.”

But what may be most amazing is that she lost her sight four years ago and has hearing problems. Yet she strokes on. Because of her sensory problems, she counts the number of strokes to the wall – and counts on continuing. “When I lost my sight four years ago I just decided I wasn’t going to sit back and do nothing. I love it and if you don’t keep active you’ll just vegetate. The secret is to keep going. Don’t just stop because you get a bit older. I won’t stop until I can’t swim anymore.”

Amazing. Impressive. Inspirational.

Note on title of article: Agent 86 was the principal character of the American television series Get Smart.

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