Get Warm, Get Dry, Stay Warm With Dryrobe®

Get Warm, Get Dry, Stay Warm With Dryrobe®

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

At American pool competitions, deck changing is prohibited. Also frowned upon at other events, deck-changing is often discouraged by race directors.

But along the shorelines and coastal areas around the world, deck changing – or the act of wrapping a towel around the body in order to change into or out of a swimsuit or clothes – continues among swimmers, surfers and beach-goers.

Gideon Bright is a British surfer who designed the Dryrobe®, The Outdoor change robe™. Dryrobe® is a specialty parka that he could change under after he went surfing to keep warm.

Lexie Kelly, an American swimmer racing in England this week, tried one on. “The fabric is made so you don’t stay wet and it drys very quickly unlike other parkas. They fit loosely so you can change under them without having to worry about holding up a towel. They have a loose fit so you can easily maneuver underneath to change properly. There are both short and long sleeve ones so you can slip your arms in and underneath. They come in cute colors, too.”

Despite his surfing roots, Bright started venturing into the triathlon and open water swimming community because, like surfers, these athletes also have a need to take off wetsuits and swim suits to change.

Kelly explains, “It would be good for elite athletes and professional marathon swimmers too because tech suits can be challenging to take on and off at the beach and often an awards ceremony or other activities are going on where swimmers would prefer to take off their tech suits.”

The products come in four different versions and are popular in Great Britain with surfers, lifeguards, triathletes, and swimmers.

Dryrobe – The Coldwater Sessions: Scotland from Dryrobe. For more information, visit here.

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