Getting Back In The Ocean

Getting Back In The Ocean

The Sydney Skinny event creator Nigel Marsh has used swimming over the past decade to lead a happier, healthier and more joyous life. Marsh started swimming by struggling to swim 25 meters in an ocean pool, but 10 years later he uses ocean swims like Bondi to Bronte or the Cole Classic as a seasonal goal to get back in the ocean.

The Sydney Skinny was born out of his aspiration to leave social pressures and life worries on the sand, be thankful for the life and beautiful environment we are so privileged to have all around us and live with a little more self-acceptance, joy, adventure and fun. “The Sydney Skinny is a celebration of all that is good about this world and this life – health, family, friends, nature, acceptance, inclusion, adventure and charity. A joyous community event that focuses on what unites us, not what divides us.”

This year’s ocean event includes a set of cousins who will celebrate their 40th birthdays by participating in the Sydney Skinny with their friends. “These women want to celebrate their bodies and lives by doing something positive and adventurous,” says organizer Kate Hughes. “And in 2013, we had three disabled swimmers take part in the event. We have hired beach wheel chairs to assist those swimmers who want to get involved this year.”

Karuna Elliot of Beyond the Break: Ocean-Swimming Adventures and her 14-month-old baby Moana will also join in the fun again in 2014. “It was such a joyful, friendly vibe: no thrashing and crashing, no timing chips, just a bunch of people enjoying the ocean as nature intended.” Moana made the 900m distance with the help of the event crew in mostly delighted spirits.

Taryn Brumfitt, founder of Body Image Movement, is our ambassador this year,” explains Hughes. “She’s a new swimmer and inspiring those who aren’t runners or exercisers to get in the water and give it a go…in the sake of adventure and self-belief.”

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