Giving Back In Key West, Florida

Giving Back In Key West, Florida

Giving Back In Key West, Florida

Courtesy of Katie Leigh, Key West, Florida.

Kayak Coordinator Katie Leigh for the Swim Around Key West is recruiting kayakers for the 44th Annual event that begins and ends on Smathers Beach in Key West, Florida on June 6th.

She explains, “We are currently looking for paddlers to accompany swimmers for the 44th Annual Swim Around Key West. As a support kayaker, you will receive a guaranteed honorarium of US$110 for your service. This amount has been prepaid by the swimmers and will be distributed to you after the completion of the event. If you provide your own kayak, you will receive an additional US$60.

We will have limited kayaks available (at no charge) for those who do not have access to a kayak.

The majority of swimmers complete the race in 5-7 hours.

The kayaker’s job is to provide support to the athlete in any way necessary. Kayakers are the swimmer’s only contact for the 20.1 km swim. Many of the athletes have trained all year for this momentous event, and they come from all around the U.S. and overseas. They are a great group of people and you will have a lot of fun being a part of the event. You will finish tired and inspired

Over 70 solo swimmers are registered. The race will need 40 support kayakers to fill the swimmers’ requests this year.

To volunteer and for more information, visit

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