Glen Christiansen Falls And Is Getting Back Up

Glen Christiansen Falls And Is Getting Back Up

Swimmers Daily reported some incredibly sad – and hopeful – news about Olympic pool swimmer and open water swimmer Glen Christiansen.

Christiansen, one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable swimmers we have ever had the honor to meet, is recovering from near-fatal injury and a medically-induced coma for 3 weeks.

According to Swimmers Daily, Christiansen fell down a flight of stairs and split his skull from ear to ear. Doctors gave the personable swimming guru only a 30% chance to live with a significant possibility to become mentally incapacitated.

But like many things in his remarkable life, Christiansen made an incredulous recovery from paralysis on his left side and the inability to speak and is, beyond comprehension and explanation, expected back on the pool deck and seashore in his future.

Christiansen says, “I will get well, but I must take it step-by-step with patience. This is a challenge for me. I am lucky. I survived due to my physical fitness and my willpower, fighting spirit – so the doctors say. As I woke up after the coma, my first thought went to my little son Noe. I knew that I MUST win this one. I have a long way to go, but I find the strength.”

A true hero fighting back.

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