Glen Hummer Leaves Legacy In The Open Water

Glen Hummer Leaves Legacy In The Open Water

Glen Hummer Leaves Legacy In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Atlanta, Georgia.

The United States Aquatic Sports Convention is an annual convention for USA Swimming members to gather, discuss issues, elect officers, vote on rules and legislation, discuss and plan programs, and announce awards.

The USAS Convention is being held this week in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the awards given is the Glen S. Hummer Award that was established in 1978.

The award is named for the renowned Olympian and swimming coach. The Open Water Swimming Committee presents the award annually to the person or group making the greatest contribution to open water swimming among USA Swimming members.

The recipients over the years include the following individuals:

1978 Glen S. Hummer and Cliff Brown
1979 Don Watson and Betty Talbot
1980 La Jolla Town Council and Swim Swim Magazine
1981 Neal & Sue Shepard
1982 Huntington (Indiana) YMCA Booster Club
1983 Buck Dawson
1984 Luke (Mac) Tesky
1985 Penny Lee Dean
1986 Dale Petranech
1987 Keith Barnes
1988 Dottie York
1989 George Haines
1990 Jimi Flowers
1991 Wilton (Connecticut) YMCA Wahoos
1992 Rick Walker
1993 James Whelan
1994 Jennifer Parks and Gail Dummer
1995 International Swimming Hall of Fame
1996 Sid Cassidy
1997 Bob Duenkel
1998 Dianne Limerick
1998 Dave Thomas [shown below]
2000 Brian Schrader

1999 2001 George Bare and Jacqueline Grossman
2002 Denny Ryther
2003 Dr. Dr. Jim Miller
2004 Julie Bare
2005 Open Water Swimming FINA World Championships Team Staff: Rick Walker, Steven Munatones, Denny Ryther, Mike Schrader, Catherine Vogt, Jeremy Vail, Dr. Jim Miller
2006 Greg Cross
2007 Steven Munatones
2008 Bill Rose
2009 Jay Thomas
2010 Shannon Gillespy
2011 Maddy Crippen
2012 Paul Asmuth and Tim Murphy
2013 Catherine Vogt
2014 Gregg Cross
2015 Open Water Swimming FINA World Championships Team Staff: Catherine Vogt, Dave Kelsheimer, Dr. Josh White, Eric Posegay, Laurel Liberty, Bryce Elser

The award will be announced this Friday evening.

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