Global Alert Offers Accumulation Of Data

Global Alert Offers Accumulation Of Data

Courtesy of Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance, Hong Kong.

Individuals from around the world can join the Ocean Recovery Alliance community help reduce trash in the world’s waterways by using its new Global Alert Platform.

The Global Alert Platform enables people to report trash hotspots along their coastlines. This is one of the Clinton Global Initiative projects and was partly funded by the World Bank. The platform is both web- and app-based, and is offered in English and Spanish.

What is Global Alert?

Global Alert is an innovative online tool that will increase interaction and connectivity to the issues of plastic in our waters by allowing users to report, rate and map plastic pollution levels in their watershed and coastlines. By having data of trash hot-spot locations, stakeholders around the world will be able to will broaden awareness, aggregate information flow, and spur solutions to reduce plastic pollution in our waters. Global Alert accomplishes this by enabling community participation and active stewardship, bringing knowledge and data to the solutions needed for the long-term prevention of debris creation and accumulation.

Why do we need a Global Alert?

Some estimates by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) suggest that municipal solid waste may double in size by 2025. As populations grow, and consumption increases, the world’s waste management and recycling infrastructure has not been able to keep up with the increase in waste, leading to increased impacts on our environment and our waters. Global Alert is an international tool to help tackle the problem of plastic waste in our environment, and is something that all of us can use within our own local conditions, in order to be part of the solution. The sum of all the parts will help to bring broad-based improvements in trash impacts on a global scale. Global Alert will shape the way that communities play an integral role in bettering their environments; inspiring cooperation, collaboration and solutions. Together, by using Global Alert, we can leave a legacy of healthy oceans, rivers and engaged communities.

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