Stephen Redmond Joins Elite Crowd In The Irish Channel

Stephen Redmond Joins Elite Crowd In The Irish Channel

The global marathon swimming community was abuzz today as Stephen Redmond of Ireland made steady progress across the North (Irish) Channel. His steady pace was tracked online as people from around the world cheered him on to an unofficial finish time of 17 hours and 20 minutes.

Considered to be the hardest of the major channels in the world, Steve joined the Who’s Who of the marathon swimming world in his swim that includes such esteemed members as International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductees Tom Blower, Kevin Murphy, Ted Keenan, Alison Streeter and Margaret Kidd, Paul Lewis, Steve Price, Colm O’Neill nd Colleen Blair.

Stephen did the 35K swim between Ireland and Scotland in support of the Irish Cancer Society. Stephen trained for a year for his swim, including 5K and 10K swims during the winter to build up his endurance and acclimate to the cold water he faced today.

His year of hard training surely paid off handsomely today.

The North Channel successful solo swimmers include:

1947 – Tom Blower (England)
1970 – Kevin Murphy (England)
1972 – Kevin Murphy (England)
1973 – Ted Keenan (Ireland)
1988 – Alison Streeter (England)
1988 – Margaret Kidd (Scotland)
1989 – Alison Streeter (England)
1989 – Kevin Murphy (England)
1997 – Alison Streeter (England)
1999 – Paul Lewis (England)
2000 – Stephen Price (England)
2004 – Colm O’Neill (Ireland)
2008 – Colleen Blair (Scotland)
2010 – Steve Redmond (Ireland)
2010 – Anne Marie Ward (Ireland)

Photo of Stephen (middle) by Eoghan Daly.

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