Go Swim With The Correct Kick

Go Swim With The Correct Kick

In this week’s session with GoSwim.tv, Olympian and founder Glenn Mills talks about how to correct suboptimal kicking on freestyle. While many open water swimmers and triathletes pay little attention to their kick and lower body position, experienced coaches and athletes know that optimizing their lower body position, becoming more streamlining and increasing their kick will lead to improved performance.

The key is to think about it and practice perfection.

Glenn explains, “Typically, we start with filming, talking, and then seeing if the swimmer can fix an issue just by thought. We started with the FINIS Freestyler snorkel so we could see if he could just stabilize the body. Sometimes, instinct is just too ingrained. [But] sometimes you just have to reteach someone how to kick. We started with a constant kick, then slowly added strokes until a rhythm was built. The final fix may take 4-6 weeks to really set in… but if the athlete is committed to the change, you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Watch Glenn‘s latest kick drill video here.

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Steven Munatones