GOAT Takes To The Open Water

Courtesy of NBC Sports.

Lots of pool swimming Olympic medalists ultimately find their way to the open water.

From Shane Gould and Sandy Neilson-Bell to Gary Hall Jr. and Rebecca Soni, a long list of Olympians have volunteered, organized and participated in open water swimming events.

And the biggest and most famous Olympic swimmer of all time, 28-time medalist GOAT Michael Phelps, is now on his way to the open water.

The Discovery Channel President Rich Ross announced that Phelps will participate in the Discovery network’s Shark Week in 2017 in as-yet undefined role. “Perhaps Phelps can be encouraged to go underwater in a shark cage,” he mused.

The 29th week of shark-themed programming each summer has been a huge hit for the Discovery Channel.

With Phelps’ participation, it is bound to become even bigger.

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Steven Munatones