Goddess Of London - Not What It Seems

Goddess Of London – Not What It Seems

The Goddess of London, an expensive swimsuit by Aquadiva, costs $400, but there is a catch.

An Olympic catch.

All proceeds – $400 – from each sale goes directly to support Australian Olympic athlete – like open water swimmer Melissa Gorman. Customers choose which Olympian they wish to support.

Aquadiva describes its suitsuit as “The delicate vintage print overlayed on the specially chosen colours has a regal feel that gives the effect of richness and luxury.

Every piece of the suit is individually cut with scissors then adorned with the most stunning Swarovski crystals and genuine gold leaf. The crystals are hand placed one by one and pressed into position with great care and will never lift off or fade. The delicate gold leaf has a special coating which protects it from chlorine and ensures that it stays shiny and gorgeous

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Steven Munatones