Goding Is Golden

Goding Is Golden

Bill Goding has always lent a helping hand. Whether it is mainland visitors to Hawaii or a foreign marathon swimmer attempting to swim between islands, Goding has always ben willing to help.

A true waterman and retired Honolulu lifeguard who is skilled in all types of conditions and equipment, he has also done a number of inter-island swims including the Molokai (Kaiwi) Channel (at the age of 53 shown) and Maui (Auau) Channel. He is the King of the Auau Channel with a total of 13 successful crossings to date. He has also crossed the Palilolo Channel (Maui to Molokai – 8 miles), the Kealaikahiki Channel (Kahoolawe to Lanai – 17 miles), and the Kaulakahi Channel (Kauai to Niihau – 17 miles) twice.

He has also paddled for Penny Palfrey in the Kaieiewaho Channel and for many other swimmers and adventurists in various channels over the years. He has also participated in numerous 7 km Hawaiian Christmas Looong Distance Invitational Rough-H2O Swims over the last 20 years. He is most recently sharing his extensive knowledge through a comprehensive online resource for crossing the Molokai Channel Channel.

It has been many years since both Linda Kaiser and I completed the crossing of the Molokai Channel,” explains Goding. “We continue to receive ongoing requests for information regarding this swim. This site will provide information on flights, accommodations, transportation, boat and paddling support, ocean currents, surf, wind and preferred routes. The one common thread during each Molokai crossing is its sheer unpredictability. We hope that this site will prove helpful in the planning process and we welcome any questions or comments.”

For more information about swimming across one of the hardest challenges in the Oceans Seven, visit here.

Upper photo shows Goding after his Molokai Channel crossing. Lower photo shows Jeff Kozlovich on paddle board, Goding in the blue cap, and Forrest Nelson in red swim cap. Video shows Goding swimming the Kealaikahiki Channel with Quinn Carver.

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