Going For A Dip In Sydney

Going For A Dip In Sydney

Of all the individuals in the world, open water swimmers expose themselves to the elements like no other athletes.

Wind and wave, jetsam and jellyfish, cold and coral; open water swimmers see and experience it all. Clothed in simple swimsuits, goggles and cap, they can get stung and sunburned, cold and fatigued all in one swim.

But the Australian swimmers in the Sydney Skinny go even one step further, seeing and experiencing even more than normal.

The Sydney Skinny requires nothing. Nothing but a love of the open water.

Kate Hughes of Event Aid Australia says, “We know of 5 people from the USA that are coming to Sydney for our event that attracts a broad range of people – yes, some naturist…and some interested in open water swimming but who are scared of the ocean and those that just want to do something a little out of the ordinary and spice up their Sunday morning.

We are also raising money for Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife – an incredible but underfunded environmental conservation and protection charity. The swim is not a race and in an incredibly protected open water way – the headland protects the beach – so it is a perfect introduction to open water swimming

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Steven Munatones