Going On A Twofer Swim

Going On A Twofer Swim

A twofer swim is when two people swim together shoulder-to-shoulder in the open water, usually comfortably going at the same pace for the entire swim or extended periods.

A twofer swim can also refer to two swimmers swimming at the same time and at the same pace during an open water swim using the same kayaker or paddler. It can also refer to two swimmers on a marathon swim going the same pace while sharing the same escort boat and crew.

A twofer swim is different from a group swim when more than two people are swimming in a group. But it can also mean the same swim done twice, usually in the same day with a different group of swimmers. Alternatively, a twofer swim can also refer to one swimmer who competes in two different races on the same day at the same venue.

As in, “Lexie and Parks did a twofer swim around Naples Island on Saturday” or “Marcia and John did a twofer in the Catalina Channel” or “After she swam around the island by herself, she did a twofer swim with the triathletes” or “He first did the 1-mile race in the morning and then did a twofer swim when he did the 3-mile Gatorman race.”

Photo by Dr. Jim Miller shows Mark Warkentin and Yuri Kudinov at the 2007 World Swimming Championships 25K race in Melbourne.

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