Going Solo Needs Teamwork

Going Solo Needs Teamwork

Photo of Lewis Pugh courtesy of Kelvin Trautman in the Mediterranean Sea.

Back in 2011, Penny Palfrey completed a 67.26-mile (108 km) Bridging The Cayman Islands solo swim between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman Islands in the Cayman Islands.

While her crossing was a undeniable moment in open water swimming history, her crew was one of her assets. 46 men and women from 16 countries were part of her flotilla and escort crew. When communication in English was not sufficient, body language and drawings on paper took their place. When verbal compliments were not understood, smiles and high fives were sufficient substitutes. Over the course of 40 hours 41 minutes, the team – a mix of people from throughout the Americas to Europe and Oceania – keep her on track and safe.

The same seems to be true on most of the major open water swimming expeditions in modern times.

Lewis Pugh talks about the diversity of his support team on this month’s Seven Swims In The Seven Seas For 1 Reason.

Read about his fascinatingly diverse crew from his swim coach Brian Button to 73-year-old Major General Tim Toyne Sewell.

Pugh writes, “…about half of the members of our team are women. That’s serious strength right there. Many of the team are Muslim, working closely alongside people of many other faiths, including Christian and Jewish. The oldest person in the team is 83, the youngest is 26…” Read more here.

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