Google To Tremendously Boost Channel, Lake Swimming

Google To Tremendously Boost Channel, Lake Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

As swimmers cross channels, circumnavigate remote islands, and swim from shore to shore across lakes around the world, the near real-time news of their swimming exploits is often lost.

Often out of mobile phone range and without Internet access, especially on channel swims and during marathon swims, fans and parents are out of the communications loop. They have to wait until the swims are over. There is literally a news blockage until the athletes, coaches and crew are back onshore or at their hotels in order to learn of how the swim went.

Not only is the lack of information frustrating for those fans and parents who have become accustomed to constant Internet access, but the information outage is also true at many open water swimming events around the world outside of metropolitan areas.

But Google may come to the rescue.

Google is reportedly investing more than US$1 billion in a project to launch a fleet of satellites that will bring Internet access to the off-the-grid regions of the Earth according to the Wall Street Journal.

Jeremy Rose of Cosmsys, a London-based satellite consulting firm, explains that Google’s project “could amount to a sea change in the way people will get access to the Internet, from the Third World to even some suburban areas of the U.S.”

From coast to coast and from shore to shore, we greatly look forward to the time when every escort boat and all officials and coaches will be able to access information from every open water swim across much of the unwired and currently uncovered 70% of the planet – precisely where open water swimmers ply their trade.

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Steven Munatones