Professor Goro Takahashi  Passes Away From Cancer

Professor Goro Takahashi Passes Away From Cancer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Professor Go Takahashi (高橋伍郎 in Japanese, standing in above photo) recently passed away due to cancer in Tokyo, Japan. He was a professor emeritus at the University of Tsukuba and a member of the Joyful Athletic Club who served as a long-time promoter of open water swimming.

He volunteered, competed in, coached and helped organize masters swimming, competitive swimming, and open water swimming events in Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, UK and Italy including the FINA World Masters Swimming Championships.

He served as the chairman of the 2 km Across Kasumigaura Lake Swim in Ibaraki Prefecture since 1986 and as the Auditor of the Japan Masters Swimming Association. Some of the events that he helped organize include:

Across Kasumigaura 2 km tandem open water swim in Lake Kasumigaura
* 10 km Joyful Athletic Club Swim Marathon in Lake Kasumigaura
Lake Inawashiro 10 km relay
Lake Saroma 10 km relay
Lake Kasumigaura 27 km relay
Shimantogawa River 10 km relay
Lake Shinji 16 km relay
Lake Biwa 16 km relay
Lake Tazawa 12 km relay
Awashima Island to Nezugaseki 20 km relay
Lake Inawashiro 11 km relay
Lake Hamana 16 km relay
Lake Nojiri 10 km relay
Lake Mikatagoko 10 km relay
Lake Ogawara 15 km relay

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