GoSwim In The Open Water With Fran Crippen

GoSwim In The Open Water With Fran Crippen

Selfless Fran Crippen teamed up with GoSwim.TV to create an educational and illustrative open water swimming DVD. In GoSwim‘s Open Water with Fran Crippen, Fran’s techniques and strategies are illustrated from multiple angles (side, head-on, rear, below and above). The slow-motion and freeze-frame footage is especially useful for those who want to zero in on Fran’s recommendations.

Fran demonstrates and explains race starts from the beach, dolphining, sighting, buoy turns, drafting, passing, staying aware, reading the pack and finishing strong.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure to observe Fran on numerous occasions at world and national championships in various locations and conditions and his aggressive closing style never fails to thrill open water swimming fans.

His gutsy, tactical, physical approach to racing, built upon years of hard work and a fundamental Philadelphia toughness, are why knowledgeable observers have good reasons to view him as the odds-on pre-race favorite at the upcoming USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships and one of the top men in the world heading into the 2010 World Open Water Swimming Championships. Even as we look further out to the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the 2012 London Olympics, the compact, 6-loop course (to be viewed by up to 250,000 spectators) is ideal suited to Fran’s physicality, toughness and fast closing speed.

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