Gotta Go To Rio To Do The Travessia dos Fortes

Gotta Go To Rio To Do The Travessia dos Fortes

One of the world’s top open water swims is Brazil’s annual 3.3K Travessia dos Fortes in Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo Ratto of the Brazilian Swimming Federation reports that 2,517 swimmers lined up to do a single start in 2009.

“It is always amazing to see the swimmers line up on Copacabana Beach every April. The water is warm – 24°C (75°F). The race started over 10 years ago. In the beginning, 4,000 swimmers were accepted, but due to safety reasons and as the Brazilian broadcast GLOBO televises the event live to more than 10 million viewers, we decided upon a single-heat start because the spectacle is amazing. So we decided to limit the number of entries to 2,500 swimmers.”

It is quite an organization with the Brazilian Swimming Federation joining forces with the Brazilian Army, Navy and Coast Guard, Globo TV, the Rio de Janeiro military lifeguards under the direction of event management Brasil 1.

“Safety is the foremost on our minds,” said Ricardo. “We do everything we can to make the swim as enjoyable and safe as possible.”

No kidding…and no exaggeration…

“We have 40 fishing boats, 20 inflatable rubber boats, 6 media boats, 2 Brazilian Navy ships, 4 Jet Skis, 4 medical boats, 6 Brazilian Coast Guard boats, 6 Rio de Janeiro life guard boats, 20 Brazilian Army boats, 20 kayaks, 2 helicopters for filming, 2 helicopters for safety, 60 life guards on paddle boards, 20 additional life guards in boats, 20 life guards at the finish, 10 divers, 2000 Brazilian Army soldiers lining the shoreline and 200 Brazilian Army officials

Obviously, safety is truly paramount on their minds.

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Steven Munatones