Gotta Love These Men And Women

Gotta Love These Men And Women

Courtesy of Patty Hermann, United States Lifesaving Association National Lifeguard Championships.

The always competitive United States Lifesaving Association National Lifeguard Championships began today in Hermosa Beach, California.

The intensely passionate corp of male and female lifeguards create an outstanding ambiance when they get together and compete against one another as they showcase their myriad skills in the water.

For more information about the event, visit here.

Besides the competitive spirit of the lifeguards, these men and women protect the shorelines around the world every day.

The United States Lifesaving Association gives an honor called the USLA Medal of Valor. It is the highest lifeguard award presented by the Association. The primary purpose for creating this award is to give due recognition to an individual lifeguard who voluntarily risked their life, to an extraordinary degree, in saving, or attempting to save another person, or who sacrificed themselves for the benefit of others.

The Lifeguard Medal of Valor recipients include:

*Mike Beuerlein, Huntington Beach, California
*Marc Panis, Huntington, Beach, California
*David Carter, California State Parks (Russian River District), California
*Don Straub, California State Parks, California (Russian River District)
*Scott Grigsby, Los Angeles County, California
*Sean Cicchetto, San Clemente, California
*Brian Keulana, Honolulu, Hawaii
*Timothy Murphy, California State Parks, California
*Michael Stephenson, California State Parks, California
*Christian Corbo, Laguna Beach, California
*Casey Culp, California State Parks, California
*Paul Korber, Ventura County, California (posthumous to rescue effort)
*Joe Milligan, California State Parks, California
*Patrick Quigley, Laguna Beach, California
*Kevin Snow, Laguna Beach, California
*Mark Sproull, Laguna Beach, California
*Ormand Tegland, Laguna Beach, California
*Tom Trager, Laguna Beach, California
*Patrick Quigley, Laguna Beach, California
*Bob Albers, San Diego, California
*Ed Harris, San Diego, California
*Laine Pepper, San Diego, California
*Dave Raines, San Diego, California
*Jeff Fesler, Avila Beach, California
*Tim Borland, Avila Beach, California
*Richard Grigouli, Oceano State Park, California
*Richard Grigouli, Oceano State Park, California
*Billy Larsen, Pismo Beach, California
*Chris Nowviski, Daytona Beach, Florida
*Jecoa Simmons, Daytona Beach, Florida
*Brit Horn, Sonoma Coast State Beach, California
*Mike Bartlett, Huntington Beach, California
*Willy Alvarez, Volusia County, Florida
*Eric Coats, Lake Perris, California
*Joel Gitelson, Los Angeles County, California
*Bouvey Bradbury, Honolulu, Hawaii
*Michael James, Destin, Florida
*Nathaniel Buck, California State Parks, California
*Timothy Fellars, California State Parks, California
*James W. Northhelfer, California State Parks, California
*Bradley Stewart, South Walton Fire District, Florida
*Matt Blackford, Newport Beach, California
*Mark Feighan, San Diego, California
*Peter Leibig, San Diego, California
*Daryl McDonald, San Diego, California
*Greg Meyer, Newport Beach, California
*Jon Vipond, San Diego, California
*Brian Higa, Honolulu, Hawaii
*Mark Brown, San Diego, California
*Dylan Smith, Queens, New York
*Eric Toomsoo, Southeast Region
*Ben Carlson, Newport Beach, California
*Jordan Christly, Southeast Region
*Rick Urquhart, Southeast Region
*Scott Wise, 2014 Southeast Region

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