Grace Van Der Byl Doing A Classic Double Crossing

Grace Van Der Byl Doing A Classic Double Crossing

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Grace van der Byl did the second-fasting Catalina Channel crossing in history with her fast 7 hours 27 minutes in 2012.

But the CarboPro-sponsored dynamo will be attempting a different kind of Catalina Channel crossing on Sunday when she paddles across the channel in the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race. Her 32-mile paddle crossing – that starts and finishes at different points than traditional swimming crossings are attempted – can be followed here. “It will be tough, but I am looking forward to it.

It is a strange feeling going into the race knowing that I have spent nearly the whole year swimming and only 2-3 weeks paddling. This is gonna push me and stretch me. I can’t wait

It may be the first time someone crosses the Catalina Channel in two different ways, both using their shoulders big-time. If the California water woman eventually does a SUP crossing in the future, she will achieve some kind of new oceanic Triple Crown of the Catalina Channel.

As the famous triathlete Scott Tinley says about this intrepid adventurer who takes on a myriad of challenges, “I want to be Grace Van Der Byl when I’m a female in my next life.”

For more information on the Catalina Channel Paddleboard Race and updates, follow the athletes’ progress here.

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