Gráinne Moss Conquers the Channel of Bones for a Cause

Gráinne Moss Conquers the Channel of Bones for a Cause

Gráinne Moss is embarking on a journey, attempting some of the toughest open water swims in the world to raise funds for Kenzies Gift, a New Zealand charity supporting the mental health of children, young people, and families facing serious illness or bereavement.

Her first challenge, the 42km+ “Channel of Bones” in Hawaii, is renowned for its treacherous conditions, including sharks, swells, and jellyfish.

Gráinne achieved the first milestone The Molokaʻi Channel between the two islands of Oʻahu and Molokaʻi in Hawaii, in 15 hours and 7 minutes. Despite facing darkness, challenging currents, and painful encounters with jellyfish, her determination remained unwavering.

At 2,4 and 6 hours I got stung by Portuguese men of war however it was about 11 and a half hours in I was stung by two box jellyfish-the stings were excruciating and I could feel the poison course around my body, with my tongue swelling a little.

Gráinne Moss

In July, Gráinne will tackle a 32km night swim between Santa Catalina Island and Los Angeles, followed by a 48.5km swim around Manhattan Island on the East Coast of the USA. These swims are part of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

To complete the Triple Crown, Gráinne will head to the UK in September for a swim between England and Wales, adding to her previous accomplishments in the English Channel and Catalina Channel.

Every dollar raised contributes to Kenzies Gift’s vision of ensuring support for Kiwi children facing serious illness or grief. This includes 1-on-1 therapy and expert resources.

Reflecting on her journey, Grainne’s thoughts were with the children enduring grief, motivating her to push through the pain and complete the swim.

Recovery has been challenging, but Grainne’s spirits are high, and she looks forward to the next three swims with excitement.

Congratulations to Grainne Moss on her extraordinary feat, marking the beginning of her four epic swims in support of Kenzies Gift.

Photo Credits: Swim Irish Kiwi Facebook